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Carpet Cleaners

in San Antonio





San Antonio's Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service

At American Stainmaster, we take pride in providing professional carpet cleaning services to our clients. Our method, which uses truck-powered steam cleaning equipment, is recommended by all carpet manufacturers and produces amazing results. Our team of certified technicians are not only skilled at their job but also friendly and responsive to your needs. You can rest assured that we will leave your carpets looking and feeling fresh. Please book online or call for a free quote!

Empty apartment

Hard surface cleaning!

Have your tile and wood floor cleaned too! They are often forgotten about and dullness could show!


Make Your Home Like New Again!

Have American Stainmaster clean your Carpets, upholstery, and area rug cleaning at a very welcomed low cost!


Call us for Pet Odor deep cleaning!

Every season has its kind of soiling for carpets, couches, and chairs - Stay ahead of it all and let us make your life a lot easier!

Our quotes will put a smile on your face, our vehicles are clearly marked, and we're always dressed in company uniforms & if we can't get it clean, it's FREE!


Technicians will provide a written estimate before any work is started                                                               e


Truck-Mounted equipment serving the entire San Antonio area.


American Stainmaster's reputation for being on time, leaving nothing behind when engaged in cleaning, and being the company with the best cleaning deal around is what keeps our customers coming back to us every time they need their home cleaned. 

The best carpet cleaning in San Antonio TX has to offer because of all you get for the price!


Whether you just hate to clean, don't have the time to do it, are too busy with your career to even think about cleaning, are physically unable, or have any other reason, give us a quick call and we'll make a plan to clean at your convenience. 


You can always count on American Stainmaster for professional excellence and the best deal on just a couple of rooms or even your entire home.

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